Your chance to ride with the German jib boss just happened. MINI Snowpark Feldberg, 12.03.2016, and if you want to hook up and ride you need to send in your shots. More info...

There are only 5 exclusive slots offered for this session. It's not simply a case of the best rider snagging the spot, however, the focus is rather on same chances for all of you by motivating your friends, family and fans.

To take part in this contest, follow these steps:

· Send your best action-shot no later than Monday, 07/03/2016, 6.00 pm, to vip-procoaching@qparks.com with reference to "VIP-Procoaching Feldberg"

· All the submitted pictures will be displayed on the Facebook voting and everybody can vote for their favorite.

· Five riders who obtain the highest number of votes can look forward to spending an exclusive day with Alex on March 12, 2016.