Back these boys' movie and you could get help make it happen while enriching yourself with some weird and wonderful pledge options...

Brother of other mothers Sparrow Knox and Niels Schack will embark on a series of trips this season to some off-the-beaten-track locations (Kazakhstan, India, Mongolia and Turkey), with the purpose of filming and photographing their adventures. Along the way they plan to integrate with the locals, spread the word of snowboarding and help them out with school supplies, gear and more.

Mixing a cultural aspect with Sparrow and Niels's roots (the former's family is originally from India while the latter has family in Turkey), they aim to hit the road for 3 months and produce a short from each country, culminating in a movie charting their odyssey.

As the boys say: "Loose Change is going to be more than a documentary. It's going to be a showcase of what it's like to snowboard and travel with your best friends in unique locations."

Check out the Loose Change Kickstarter page to find out more, and how you can get involved.