Horsefeathers are taking action to make the world a cleaner place and we are fully backing it! Read on to see what is going down with Sick of Trash 2016 and how you and your homies can get involved too:
This year, as every summer, Horsefeathers initiates the Sick of Trash campaign. Its goal is to draw the attention to illegal dumps and trash in our surroundings. We take clean nature and environment for granted so it drives us always crazy when we find some trash nearby. An intention of this project is to warn of the problem that has something to do with each of us. No matter if it is a load of rubbish in the parking lot, illegal dump in the forest or plastic bottles thrown away in the skatepark, this is exactly what the Sick of Trash campaign is fighting against.

This year is the fifth in a row when Horsefeathers crew organises, participates and supports the cleaning projects of all of those, who want to join in and clean the environment that they live in. If you are interested, join us! All you have to do is to make your own cleaning trip, to take a picture of the messy place, then of your action and finally of the clean place. Then send the pictures to We reward every cleaning project that will take place until July 31st, 2016.

The current volume of the project tries to get back to its roots, which is to motivate individuals to behave responsibly to the environment. This is the reason why everyone, who gives his helping hand to the cleaning, will be rewarded this year! We believe that each of us can contribute and help to increase the quality of actual state of our living environment.
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