Sven Thorgren winning the 2014 Freestyle.CH. Photo: Sam Oetiker

We're bummed to report that the iconic Zurich-based event has pulled the plug on this year's edition due to lack of sponsors.

Freestyle.CH celebrated its 20-year anniversary last autumn, where once again swarms of kids, both young and old, flocked to check out an array of awesome snowboarding, skateboarding, BMX and more right next to Zurich's most epic lake.

However, despite it being one of the most successful editions in the event's long history, the 2015 Freestyle.CH will not happen "due to lack of sponsor funds." Putting on a gig like this isn't cheap – around 1.5 million Swiss Francs for infrastructure alone – and with the Franc recently having lost its shit in relation to the Euro it was impossible for the organisers to secure enough non-Swiss funds to make it happen.

As you can see, last year's event was rammed. Photo: Sam Oetiker

It's not all doom, though, as the plans are now to take a year off, step back, and come back stronger for the 2016 edition. “We will use the break to evaluate various business areas and opportunities to create a healthy financial model and new marketing opportunities for the event in Zurich. So, the existing structure and concept is being revised, new and existing business units are being evaluated to become part of the whole business model for the future." says Peter Hürliman, owner of Freestyle.CH. In non-corp speak, that means "We're gonna crush it in 2016, believe!"

We certainly hope so, because few things in life are as rad as chilling by the lake, supping on a Calanda and watching a whole bunch of sick snowboarding. Good luck, Freestyle.CH dudes!