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What better way to kick off your season than with a week full of snowboarding, off-snow activities and generally loads of fun times with fellow shred-worshippers and a couple Pro riders?

Right, there is none! Kalle Ohlson is no stranger to the snowboarding game and has been organising the Blue Parks tour, a grassroots contest tour for kids, in the past years, but now he’s set out to do one of Europe’s raddest snow camps on Dachstein - a small but sick glacier with a proper set-up, that has been the number one summer shred spot for countless European pro riders for many seasons. We hooked up with Kalle to get the deets on the Blue Parks Euro Camp (and maybe see if we’d pass as underage to become campers ourselves).

What’s the concept behind the Blue Parks? To make camps and events available, that are made the right way. It’s not too core or too cheesy, it’s not like a snowboard school or hardcore snowboard session. It doesn’t matter how you want to snowboard, just ride for fun!

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Who are gonna be the coaches? It’s me, Magnus Kristoffersson, Bjorn Hartweger and Mirjam Hoffmann as of now. Magnus is more the instructor, because he has a coaching degree, he can teach a lot about theoretical stuff too. Björn knows how to explain things well as he’s been a pro rider and has had his snowboard school for ten years now. Mirijam is a really sweet and nice girl, who is a very good snowboarder and coach too. I myself have quite the experience in snowboarding so I can share a lot with the kids.

Rumor has it, the Vans Euro team is going to stop by..? Yeah, most likely there’ll be Sami Luthanen, Arthur Longo, Markus Keller, DBK, me and a few more. We’ll have a Vans team week at the same time the camp is held and the guys will visit us to ride with the kids and hang out. They’re not coaches but more an inspiration for them, just giving them a high five or do some chit chat.

The camp’s for kids aged 10 to 18 but pro snowboarders can be loose cannons sometimes, how do you calm down nervous parents to trust you with their precious breed? First I would say that most snowboarders could be loose cannons but not everybody is. I wouldn’t say I’m one, I’ll take care of all the kids. Also we’ll have three people there not being coaches but just making sure that they eat, sleep and everything is organised so we won’t lose them and they won’t get starved.

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That’s good. What else is there besides snowboarding? We’ll have a ramp next to where we stay so you can go skateboarding. There’s video games, sightseeing or hiking in the mountains, avalanche trainings with beacons, a Pirates premiere, banked slalom and an ollie contest for the campers. You guys at Onboard will choose the best photos the kids posted during the week and will print them in your mag, so they’ll actually get published, which is sick. We have a bunch of other stuff as well, group activities, playing around, getting better balanced, better strength and just in general a better mind for riding.

Why did you choose Dachstein as the location? It’s a pretty small glacier, they have a really good park and it’s easy to get there from where we are staying. You can also do way faster laps than on most other glaciers, so that was one of the reasons too.

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What’s 'Camper of the Week' and how can I become it to win sick stuff? It’s the camper that progresses the most, spreads the most joy and helps the fellow campers. Basically just the best person at the camp, it doesn’t have to be the best rider. Progression, happiness and helping others will take you far here.

What will you do if kids don’t want to leave because it’s so awesome? Oi.. Then I might have to call the parents to pick them up because I’m not so sure about them staying at Dachstein all by themselves once I left, haha. I’ll tell them to come back next year though!

Get all the infos and save yourself a spot before they're all taken on www.blue-parks.com