For years, the creative set-up of the Area 47 Snowpark Sölden with features such as the Oakley Elephant Box or the new GoPro Multijib-Stairset has been a guarantor for wild sessions. It doesn’t come as a surprise that, on Friday the 14th 2014, the park was occupied by an international crew of snowboarders for the first film and photo shooting of the season. Our media crew came with full memory cards and recorded sick action for you in sweet edits and fine pictures.

With the weather Gods appeased, the riders came at the Area 47 Snowpark Sölden to find perfect conditions. 33 obstacles prettily lighted up by the sun stood there and waited only to be chosen, offering the perfect preconditions for photographer Roland Haschka and filmer Daniel Ausweger.

With the honour of Austria weighing upon their shoulders, it was the local’s time to shine and Mario Wagner got stuck into the kickers, showing that having this kind of terrain on your back doorstep goes hand in hand with solid moves.

Some of Scotland’s finest shredders, Jamie Trinder and Jesse Smith, decided to get their day going charging into a bonnie display of spins and slides on the medium line before turning their attention to the GoPro stairset. The wind had started to pick up, but the boys are used to the highland hurricanes and were un-deterred in their jibbing activities.

With legs gone from steel to jelly, some rail line lapping occurred on the stairset feature. Fabian Wolfsgruber, who is leading the snowboard category of the QParks-Tour, was full of energy as he lapped the line, leaving the filmer and photographer to reap the rewards of his aerial feast.

As the clock hit the wrong side of lunch, the clouds began to roll in and the session began to slow down. With enough footage to make Steven Spielberg blush, the crews headed off into the sunset, with their hearts warmed by the fine looking snowpark.

Area 47 Snowpark Sölden Park Designer Mr Kristof Heidmann had this to say on the days shoot, “We love seeing riders come through and use the park to its full potential. We work really hard to make sure the features cater to all types of riding, so it’s awesome to see the pros roll through and find lines that we hadn’t seen yet!"