Day 2 of the Absolut Park Spring Battle 2016 certainly set the week of in the right way. Plenty of ambitious tricks on the rail section and the first double corks over kickers and spine where all ticked off the trick lists up at Flachauwinkl.

Canadian Antoine Truchon was the first rider to film a complete run, but Carlos Garcia Knight (NZ) and Billy Morgan (GB) are also looking strong, stomping FS double 9s and BS double 10s. Keep checking back to see what the riders can put down in their top to bottom run.

It's a video contest, without the traditional judging, where riders have a whole week to get their run dialled.

Check these shots from Absolut Park / Sophie Kirchner.

Spring Battle2016_130316 25
Spring Battle2016_Kicker

If the Spring Battle is new to you, check out the course preview and explanation below or hit up the website for more info (