A couple of years ago, when 'HD' and 'Blu-Ray' sounded like some crazy NASA technology, many rookie film crews seemed to appear from nowhere. But only a few of them made their way and established in the snowboard scene. One of them is the Lafamiglia crew, which released film after film and raised the level of filming as well as of snowboarding. For their new movie serious...not! riders like Friedl May, Otto Veijola, Lisa Filzmoser and many more travelled all around the globe on the search for the freshest pow and best parks. Highlights are sessions in California, Sweden, Finland and Canada.

Now the final cut is done, beer is waiting in the fridge and the party ready to rock. Make sure you catch one of their stops around Europe:

November 6th - Kranhalle Munich

Doors open 10pm

Music: DrunkenMasters

November 21st - Weekender Innsbruck

Novmeber 28th - Livingroom Saas Fee

December 18th - Bogen 2 Cologne

If you haven't seen it yet, watch the teaser to get you in the right mood...