etnies and ThirtyTwo welcome their newest team rider, Dustin Craven! Raining from Calgary, Alberta 19 year-old Dustin Craven is pretty much snowboarding’s future.

Dustin has already mastered the art of loud noises while riding, and most pros will only aspire to acquire this talent. He got his start closing the 05-06 Sandbox film down with final part and is now filming a team Capita movie for 07.

“What can I say about Dustin Craven? Most people around him would say he is that funny loud kid that kills everything he rides," says Eddie Lee, etnies/ThirtyTwo snow team manager. "The first time I met him was at the Vail Sessions winter of 2005. Watching him hit the slope style course with such a relaxed style and consistency, I was amazed and couldn’t believe how much pop this kid had. His ability to blast all the jumps and land near the bottom was pretty impressive. I remember telling him to ease up because I didn’t want him to hurt himself but that didn’t faze him. Dustin’s been on the up and coming for quite sometime."

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Photos courtesy of Jeff Patterson