Stick ’em Up! Stick ’em Up!

ERO ONE and FST Handwear have teamed up to produce and release a limited edition collab glove. The Sticky gloves edition will be a special pair of FST street gloves designed by and for the ERO ONE crew. Get ready to see tons of high fives from Florent Marot, Vince Pages, Chris Cunnigham and the rest of the ERO ONE crew in their new film Stick’em Up!

FST Handwear’s story starts in September 2008, the 11th. Located in the historical luxury gloves capital (Grenoble, France), we’re not merely a new brand in the street culture, but a company that imagines products as a personal signature. As hands are basically the first physical link to people around, our goal is to create handwear that really fit your personality.