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French crew, movie called 'Voila' and a teaser set to the dulcet tones of Edith Piaf? It doesn't get more 'tres bon' than that, eh. Bag yourself a copy with Onboard issue 115 - out end of August 2010. Now someone pass the Pastis, s'il vous plait.

Here's their chat: "ERO ONE FILMS presents its new film VOILA. Available in September 2010 with ONBOARD. Featuring: Florent Marot, Vince Pages, Maïko Nicolet, Julien Rochette, Chris Cunningham, Max Delayen, Tim Cachot, Dim Biau, Joel Strecker, Antoine Baduel, Mat & Sam Schaer, Féfé Pellacani and friends... Supported by: DC Shoes, Bataleon, N.D.K, Smith Optics, Seventyone Percent, Pull-In, K2 Snowboarding, Head Snowboards, Onboard and Mpora."