After a great year with Sessions Canada, E-MAN Anderson has graduated to the big leagues. Just last week E-MAN made it official, signing on the dotted line. He joins Andreas Guidlund, Tim Humphreys, Zack Hale, Nate Ferrell and Tara Dakides. Yes that’s right, Tara Dakides is back on Sessions. Bang!!!

If you want to see E-MAN in action, then have a look at the new Snowboard film This video sucks from Stepchild/32.

Sessions put on the 11th annual Tim Brauch memorial contest at the end of September. Once again Joel Gomez (Sessions owner) rocked it. The contest took place at Lake Cunningham Skate park in San Jose, California. There where lots of veterans in attendance like: Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Sergei Ventura and Steve Alba. Brad McClain took 1st in the pro division and Cab took 1st in "Grand Masters". Excellent event, thanks to Joel and the crew at Sessions.