Oh the wonders of our technically ever evolving world... You either hate the iPhone and all it's oh-so-useful features or you love it and can't get enough of all the practical and, let's be honest, time wasting but sometimes truly hilarious apps.

Well whichever you are, here is a new app for you: the brand new, improved and pimped up Electric 3.0 app that let's you try on every style of shades in the entire Electric collection! In fact, it's the new Rock The Volt feature, that let's you do that: a custom built sizing system that's especially designed for the Electric products. Just take a picture of yourself with your iPhone, resize it so it fits inside the frame, select the frame that fits you best and share your picture with your friends and family by email.

The 3.0 major improvements:

- Sunglass and Goggle catalogue with all models and colours with categorized selection options.

- keep up to date with the “Word" Electricʼs newscast, the new and improved RSS feed with new styling

- feed of Electric Upcoming Events so you know in advance what's going on

And the best thing: itʼs free! So make sure you upgrade or get it for a start if you haven't already...