Elan Snowboards is proud to announce the launch of its new Quick Fit Lacing System. By successfully delivering optimum levels of boot fit in a matter of seconds, the Quick Fit Lacing System is redefining the meaning of total rider comfort on the mountain.

Meticulously engineered with the perfect combination of simplicity and performance in mind, the user-friendly Quick Fit Lacing System provides riders with the most effortless and effective lacing solution. A sturdy lock mechanism lies at the heart of the lacing system, locking the boot’s lace at the desired tension. Based on the clamp system used to secure a yacht’s ropes to sails, the lock mechanism has been proven time and again.

As for the lacing, this is how it’s done: two independent dual-tensioned lacing zones in the upper and lower parts of the boot allow the wearer to customize lacing tensions to perfection. The laces are drawn upwards for tightening and outwards for rapid loosening. Simple.

The new Elan Snowboards Quick Fit Lacing System is available in the following boots: Element, Tempest, Union and the female-specific Chicas boots called the Unity and Betty.

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