As one of the most technologically advanced snowboard manufacturers in the world operating from a cutting edge factory located in the heart of the European Alps, ELAN SNOWBOARDS continues to drive the evolution of snowboarding out on the mountain – where it matters most. For 2008/09, three of the brand’s world-beating flagship models return to the fold once again equipped with new features and enhanced performance levels.

The INVERSE – the lightest board in the world at only 2.2kg/155cm – is back on the scene with an all-new twin tip blunt shape that makes this incredible freestyle board even lighter. Elan Snowboards team rider Matevz Pristavec is a long-time fan, and explains: “The reduced thickness and weight in the board’s nose and tail combine to make the Inverse even better for jibbing, while two layers of carbon reduce the overall weight. Lightweight construction technologies that serve up heavyweight performance – I’ll take it!" Range of use: Progressive technical freestyle Length: 147, 151, 155, 159, 163 Shape: Twin Tip Blunt Construction: Advanced DG top, V3 sidewalls, slanted sidewalls, Boomer stance, Transfer woodcore, stone grinded Trans Warp Speed running base, Carbon 360, DG 70 fiberglass Special: protective board bag Price: 529,95 Euro

Next in line is EL GRANDE – the undisputed savior of all-mountain freeriders previously plagued by chronic toe & heel drag. As the widest board in the world (28cm/163cm), this board adds a patented Omega Sidecut to its super-wide shape. So what does that mean, exactly? Big footed French pro shred Bruno Rivoire breaks it down: “The width of the board obviously minimizes toe & heel drag, while the Omega Sidecut makes this board hold a better edge than any other super-wide board on the market – it’s all about effortless carving performance down the whole mountain." Range of use: Advanced all mountain freeride Length: 159, 163, 167, 171 Shape: Super wide directional Construction: Omega Sidecut, V2R sidewalls, slanted sidewalls, 4x2 inserts, Carbon-Kevlar 90 Beam, Control woodcore, stone grinded Warp Speed 8 running base, G70 fiberglass Special: protective board bag Price: 399,95 Euro

The VERTIGO, boasting an aluminum topsheet, rounds out this trio of world-beating boards as the strongest board on the planet. This very special all-mountain freeride machine features an aggressive flex pattern thanks to integrated Dual Ti Technology, making it a force to be reckoned with in both the backcountry and in-bounds. A lightening fast Warp Speed 8 Nano Base, meanwhile, ensures unparalleled gliding performance and keeps you out in front of the competition on the boardercross course. Put simply, it’s a high-end product for high-end riders. Range of use: Advanced all mountain freeride Length: 158, 162, 168 Shape: Mid wide directional Construction: Dual Ti, V3 sidewalls, slanted sidewalls, 4x2 inserts, Vert woodcore, stone grinded Warp Speed 8 Nano running base Special: protective board bag Price: 549,95 Euro