We received a peculiar e-mail a couple weeks ago from a young lady wanting eesa to sponsor her snownerblading team. "What the?!" we asked. So we asked around and found out that it was no other than the most fabulous Silvia Mittemuller! Naturally we were intrigued. A couple quick e-mails confirmed the rumor, Silvia was hanging up the shred stick in favor of snowlerblades. We caught up with Silvia last week while she was finishing up her 8 hour 'dry-land' training regimen.

So we asked Silvia what was up and she went on to explain "Yeah, I‚ve been hucking for a couple seasons now and really wanted to see if we could get snowlerblading into the 2010 Olympics, the team really feels it is underrated as a sport and that we could bring something new and fresh to the scene. We've been working hard and to be frank our outfits alone should bring home the gold for us".

As the unofficial captain of the team Silvia went on to explain that while Snowlerblading may look easy, it is indeed hard, in particular walking around in hard boots all-day while still looking fabulous was really taking its toll. We disagree as the picture below clearly shows Silvia looks great and we also concur that the team outfits she hand-sewed at night by herself are like nothing on the scene today.

You can catch Silvia's antics on a slope near you and if you're lucky enough to catch her on her shred stick well let's just say her riding speaks for itself.

Welcome to the eesa team Silvia!

Shred on,

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