Eesa are hitting the road!

Clothing company Eesa, not content with a season of travel to resorts around the world are now embarking on the mother of all road trips.

Starting at their spiritual home in Waterbury, Vermont the crew are loading up the sizeable Eesa RV with a mountain of goodies from themselves and Kass controlled company, Grenade. Then without a thought for their own personal safety they are off across the US of A travelling at least a million miles to the summer parks at Mount Hood and Whistler.

Along the way they will stopping off at a multitude of locations to dish out the booty and rock the party with the patented RVQ, arriving in resort undoubtedly ruined and ready for the throw down. If you are near this red line they are sure to be heading in this sort of direction so go to and find out where the burgers and brews are happening