Planet Sports are gearing up to announce their latest recruit to their burgeoning snowboard team and have enlisted current team members Eero Ettala and Marko Grilc to give their opinions on their new crew member.

The German retail giant looks to be stepping its game up to take on the world, as their team is certainly getting a more international flavour these days. In addition to some of the Deutsch-speaking world's finest, like David Benedek, Ethan Morgan, Wolle Nyvelt and Fips Strauss, they have the aforementioned Messrs Ettala and Grilc on board and will shortly announce another dude from a non-Germanic nation (and who frickin' kills it) as their freshest team shred.

We'd give you a hint but, you know, these Germans are pretty efficient at silencing people so all we'll say is that he's kind of a big deal. Check out what Ettala and Grillo have to say on him...