Dragon Optics is proud to announce the addition of pipe riding phenom and famed Frend Luke Mitrani to their already elite global team.

Bringing a new dimension to the crew by offering a fresh perspective, Dragon looks forward to seeing what kind of inventive antics Luke will bring both on and off the hill. Taking top 5 honors in multiple Dew Tour and Grand Prix events, as well as 3rd at the prestigious US Open in 2009, Dragon can only imagine what Luke will accomplish this season.

"Dragon treats their team like family and I couldn't be more stoked to be onboard. Plus, Dragon's lenses are the best cause they're real easy to take in and out and never seem to fog."- Luke Mitrani

Joining Global athletes Danny Davis, Leanne Pelosi, Jamie Lynn, Simon Chamberlain, Spencer O'Brien, Wolle Nyvelt, and Gigi Rüf, Luke's high performance pipe riding and future backcountry pursuits make him highly qualified to join the Dragon ranks.

"I could not be happier with the addition of Luke, We are looking forward to helping Luke achieve everything he wants out of snowboarding and more." - Alex Pashley

Look for Luke to keep crushing it in the pipe as well as on screen alongside Dragon teammate Gigi Rüf in his new film 9191.