The Dragon Mystery Tour Jibunker will be taking place from 28 January - 02 February 2007.

The Mystery Tour promises to be "a world tour assault with an explosion of visual impact." Only the very best designated locations have been accepted. Europe, with a project signed by h.o.5.park (, is launching this new concept developed by Dragon - a brand notorious for quality events.

Riders already confirmed are: Chris Sörman, Hans Ahlund, Markus Keller and the talk of a secret weapon sent from Dragon Headquarters.

The first official public announcement of the spot’s plans will be aired on two weeks before the kick off date (January the 28th).

The mystery unravels at the end of the month on the first leg of a world tour visiting the USA, Sweden, Japan and Australia.

Sponsors: Dragon, Vans, Stations du Tourmalet, h.o.5.park,