Win a trip to the US to ride with Gigi Rüf. Now if that doesn't get you amped then you should get your pulse checked as you're probably dead.

Dragon have launched the Dragon Mystery Tour today, an online game where you shred the virtual backcountry as Gigi and attempt to amass the highest score you can. Anyone can log in and play, as many times as you want, and those with the highest scores worldwide will be rewarded with something rather special...

6 winners worldwide will be invited on an exclusive all expense paid trip to a Premiere North American snow destination to hang out with Onboard issue 107's cover boy Gigi Rüf. The final destination will be based on optimal snow conditions.

The comp runs from Feb 1st to April 4th 2010.

If you want to get involved, click your way over to www.dragonalliance.com/dmtwebgame.