Doors Snowpark Structures will present in Bardonecchia the “Doors Jibpipe Invitational", the first rail contest in Europe in a half-pipe.

It is with great pleasure that Doors Snowpark Structures presents Doors Jibpipe Invitational, the first event of rail in a half pipe, in Europe.

This half-pipe is one of the best in the world: the famous giant of the Turin Olympic Games 2006, in Bardonecchia. The show will take place on March 28th, from 6 to10 pm. For the occasion, the location will be totally lit up and it will be possible to see the contest directly from the half pipe coping of “the Olympic Monster". At the 2star TTR event the most popular Italian and European rail rippers will be invited and fight for 5000 € prize money. The setup structure will be formed by 10 structures built in sequence inside the pipe.

There will be also four bands that will play live, DJ set, BBQ and last but not least four beautiful dancers, who will try to distract the riders during the competition from the coping of the pipe.