Salomon Team riders Scotty Arnold and Jamie Anderson each took second place in the men’s and women’s Steel and Sky Rail competition at the Honda Session in Vail, Colorado. The rail set up looked massive and featured high speed jibs, a hip, horseshoe shaped bowl, C box and various shaped kinked rails, surrounded by spectators who braved the cold Colorado night.

Scotty Arnold made the 10 hour drive from Park City to Vail to frontside 270 the flat down rail, throw a backside rodeo in the horseshoe bowl, front board the C box, nollie back tail 270 and take home $5000 for his buttery style on his Arnie 5000.

Mike Cassanova won the Malay Award for best trick, for the second year in a row. Chas Guldemond took first place for men and Scott Brown came in 3rd.

Molly Aguirre won the Malay Award or Women’s best trick and took first overall.

Jamie Anderson came in a very close second. One of her runs consisted of a gap to boardslide, followed by a blunt to fakie on the wallride to a switch front board on the down rail. She walked away with $4000 and a commitment to the 10% rule.

Colorado local Leslie Glenn tied Muzumi Amake for third place.

“I’m so proud of my team," said team manager Java Fernandez.