In the ages of iPhones and Facebook, nobody really writes any postcards anymore. The Dakine riders didn't either but they did send in some pretty cool Polaroids from their Summer holidays... Check out what they've been up to!


"This is a picture taken at the top of 'Rock d'Enfer', during a hike in the french Alps, near Morzine. Hiking is the perfect way to stay in form, and to discover new backcountry spots for winter time!"


"Surf trip in Bali to the end of the 2h sketchy dirt road on a bike with surf boards... I'm specialist in getting on to non existing on the map roads in the middle of nowhere. Me, my backpack, my welcome crowed and 2 bodyguards! HA!"


"I spent all my summer to work in a center of Skydiving in 'Corbas', a small city next to Lyon, in France. My job was to pack all the parachutes (individuals and Tandems) and sometimes I was doing videos (souvenir) for the tandems, pretty cool!!! It was a pretty sick summer, hard, because packing all day long parachutes is really hard for the hands and for the back!

But I learnt many things about skydiving, I met a lot of nice people, I made some crazy jumps with some instructors really strong in their domain, a really good experience that I will never forget.

For sure, I became completely addicted at this extreme sport like snowboarding..."


"I spent some good time in Bali in June. Nice surf trip there. Also met up with the Billabong surf crew who had their catalog shoot going on! Was sick to watch the boys surf for sure.

In July had a couple of killer days up on the glacier here in Hintertux and even August had some fresh snow up there for some morning sessions.

Now I just got back from premieres in the states for the new Absinthe movie NowHere, chilling home for a couple of days to welcome my newborn son Nicolas, and will be heading out to more premieres for Absinthe on the European leg of the tour. See you there!"