Your chance to ask Jeremy Jones a question has arrived...

Remember Crossfire from the mag a couple years back, where we gave you guys the opportunity to pose your questions to a selection of pro shredders? Well, we reckoned it was time to bring that mother back in a web 2.0 way so we're kicking off by giving you the chance to put your thoughts to big mountain gnarler Jeremy Jones.

Jeremy's been putting down eye-popping lines on sketchy faces for more years than we care to remember, he was instrumental in launching Protect Our Winters and has recently launched his own board brand, Jones Snowboards. Not only that, he's mid way through filming his two-year backcountry project, Deeper, that will come with Onboard next season.

So, post your questions in the comments, we'll put 'em to the main man and hit you back with his answers to the good 'uns next week.