Hundreds of British passport holders are flocking to Laax Switzerland for the Swatch TTR 3-Star British Snowboard Championships taking place March 29th to April 5th 2008. Riders wishing to gain 550 valuable TTR ranking points and piece of the 14 000 Euro prize purse will be competing in the Snozone Halfpipe Championships going down on Wednesday. A second TTR result can be achieved by throwing down in the Quiksilver Big Air Championships on Tuesday and the Animal Slopestyle Championships on Thursday for a combined TTR result.

The cream of the British snow sports scene will be heading to Laax, including TTR World No. 4 Jenny Jones, Vicci Miller, Tyler Chorlton, and Jamie Nichols, who last year became the youngest rider to stand atop the Brits podium ever. Great riders like these are sure to make The Brits a standout competition on the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour with an extremely high level of riding one of the best snow park setups in Europe.

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