Correcting cock-ups caused by fools. The neat-o plaid Nike 6.0 jacket with a blue insulated vest that we presented in our 2011/12 Product Guide is NOT the Vernon. It is, in fact, the Nike 6.0 Bellevue jacket and it retails at €250.

Despite the best attentions of our team of highly trained simians working all the hours god sends to make sure everything is present and correct, we have noticed an error has slipped through and made it in the hallowed pages of our 2011 Product Guide. Nike 6.0's tasty-looking Bellevue jacket was wrongly presented as the 'Vernon', and wrongly priced at €340 - the true SRP of the Bellevue is €250.

Apologies, and rest safe in the knowledge that those responsible for the mistake have been shot.