It’s fairly unusual to hear any snow scene news form the Central Eastern Europe region.

Thanks to Contract Snowboards, this is going to change pretty soon! It's a independent and quite new company, but don't let the missing years of the brand fool you. It was created by riders, engineers and craftsmen, who have almost 15 years experience in snowboard production (they used to produce boards for the biggest brands in the industry). Nicknamed as "the Mervin of Europe", Contract developed a line of 10 (8 men's and 2 women's) premium quality, technologically advanced snowboards for upcoming winter that already got great reviews at independent board tests (e.g. UK Board Test in Kaunertal).

What's more, Contract Snowboards developed their own unique SNAKE TRANSITION ® technology (patent pending): a special 3D wave between the bindings. Snake Transition gives amazing grip and torsion performance, reduces the vibration during fast straight riding without infulencing the flex of the board.

Contract Snowboards also supports local riders and non-mainstream events, as their philosophy is to keep snowboarding fun and close to it's roots. Check out