Swiss Neckwear label CLAST is looking for the best snowboard rookie. The CLAST team including world champions like Markus Keller, Markku Koski and Olympic gold medal winner Gian Simmen will select the most talented rider out of all video submissions.

The winner gets a spot in the internationally respected CLASTZOO. The brand wants to offer a stage for young, motivated and yet unknown riders, helping them to step their feet into the international snowboard world.

Facebook as a stage to distinguish oneself

Participation works thorugh the neckwear brand's Facebook page. The CLAST team selects the best clip posted there. All Facebook users can vote as well. The more votes a clip gets, the higher are the changes to win. Duration of a clip should be between 2 – 5 minutes; the formats are Youtube, Vimeo or similar ones. Asked is stylish and creative snowboarding. Not more, not less. Submission deadline is November 30th 2009.

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