The Burton European Open 2011 finished today with the men's and women's halfpipe finals. Kelly Clark and Peetu Piiroinen layed down the runs of the day and took the title as well as 1000 TTR points (oh, and some cash as well).

The day was nothing short of epic, and this despite the fact that the halfpipe was hidden in thick layers of fog all morning. That's why the organisers decided to combine the women's semi finals and the finals into one competition consisting of two runs. And who else but Kelly Clark took victory with a run starting with a massive front 9, a back 5, a front 7 and a cab 7. She even had a go at a front 10, but - as she told us after the finals - didn't have the commitment to ride out of it. Queralt Castellet from Spain came in second with a back 9, front 5, back 5, and front 7. The most creative run of the day brought Yuki Furihata a well-deserved third place: It consisted of a McTwist and a stylish crippler followed by a backside air, a front 7 inverted, a cab 3 and a lien air.


After lunch the fog gave way to a stunning bluebird sky, and the men's pipe finals went down in their usual breathtaking manner. The top 10 qualified riders from the semis were on fire: Swiss rookie Jan Scherrer showed a notable run, and his compatriot Markus Keller was the first rider of the day to show a double cork (even though he could not stomp it in his first run). However, it was the trick wizardry of Iouri Podladtchikov that got the crowd going: In his best run he showed a cab 10 double as well as a double McTwist 12 and a front 10. This was enough for the third rank of the day. Kazuhiro Kokubo wasn't quite happy with his performane, but his über-stylish run with his signature McTwist landed him in the second position.


However, once again it was Peetu Piiroinen who showed everyone just how good he is at riding pipe and keeping his nerves at bay: He had bailed in his first two runs but layed down a perfect third run: front 7, cab 10 double cork, frontside air, back 9 and backside alley oop rodeo.


Results Halfpipe Finals Women

1. Kelly Clark, USA

2. Queralt Castellet, ESP

3. Yuki Furihata, JPN

Results Halfpipe Finals Men

1. Peetu Piiroinen, FIN

2. Kazuhiro Kokubo, JPN

3. Iouri Podladtchikov, SUI