The new Stepchild and Nomis movie Child Support has had it's premiere in a back yard styleee. Here is what Sean had to say.

The movie is done and Ilari got super tanked. It must have been the three months of no sun he experienced in the editing room. I spent a good part of the summer up at the Camp of Champions filming for some DVD extras. We had an invite only premier in my back yard last weekend for production crew, riders, photographers, girlfriends and everyone that has helped this movie through to completion. Simon even baked some apple square tarts for it - what a good kid. It was a fun night to say the least - even the psycho blond haired guy from whiskey was there - Mr. Bzowy. The best part of the night for me was seeing all of the 30+ crowd shedding some sentimental tears when Terry Kidwell's section came up. I just saw the first copy of the hard cover book that comes with the DVD and it looks good.

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