As of August 20th, Child Support will be available for download on the website for $2.99(USD). This marks a turn in the way snowboard videos are being brought to the general publics eye.

"You can't stop technology and its just too hard to work against it-we might as well just work with it and make our movie available to more people." Says Defective Films founder Sean Johnson.

The DVD is also available through retail stores and comes with a 56-page hardcover picture book, a Child Support Bandanna, Child Support Sticker and an extra 40 minutes of DVD extras. "Regardless of whether we make the movie downloadable or not, people will buy the DVD in stores and put it online everywhere anyways." Pirating and illegal downloading of snowboard videos has lead to a 75% decrease in DVD sales from 5 years ago. 'It is impossible to stop this from happening. I would rather offer the movie for a $2.99 download now and make it affordable for kids that can't drop 30 bucks on a snowboard movie. If they do buy the DVD from a snowboard shop then they get the added value of the book, bandanna, sticker and 40 minutes of DVD extras for the same price as any other snowboard video".

StepChild and Nomis both agree that downloading is the way of the future. "We would rather make a limited edition retail package and get it out there now along with a video download than be sitting on our asses in the middle of October wondering how we are going to get rid of all the DVD's in the warehouse. The DVD market has changed a lot and we are changing with it" Says Brad Richmond-one of the owners and founders of StepChild Snowboards. Mat Chamberlain-Nomis owner and founder had this to say-" We are just happy to make our team movie available to as many people as possible-it seems like snowboard videos aren't selling as much as they used to and we need as many people to see this as possible." Johnson ads, "Hopefully this movie will reach tons of kids and just get people stoked on the Nomis and StepChild brands. If people watch this movie and want to go snowboarding then our movie is a success."

CHILD SUPPORT will be available for download at for $2.99 starting August 20th. The download is a compressed downloadable version of the Child Support MOVIE ONLY and is available in Quicktime (.mov) Windows Media Version (.wmv) and iPod (.mp4). Full DVD packages will be available at all good snowboard stores across the globe in early September which include 40 minutes of bonus footage, 56Page hard-cover book, Child Support bandanna and board sticker.


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