You want to go to the mountains but you don't have a car, don't want to drive and ride all alone or maybe even want to nurture your green conscience and go shred a bit more sustainable and eco-friendly? If none of your friends have time to share your car or take you with them, go to go-shred.com and find new friends to go riding with or just a lift to the resort you're aiming for.

On go-shred you can offer or search for rides to and from winter sports resorts, with the passenger compensating the driver with a contribution that they will negotiate themselves. Besides the financial incentive there is of course also a major ecological bonus. On account of global warming and the resulting impact on our winter landscape, go-shred helps you make optimal use of your car and therefore reduce CO_2 emission. The third reason for joining the go-shred community is the love for snow, mountains and nature that we all have in common.

go-shred.com is available in English, German and French. You can either flick through offers according to destination, origin or time, you can place ads offering rides as well as ones searching for a lift.

Check it out and go shred!