Alright. Burton just kicked off their 13x13 campaign, meaning they will give away 13 movie premieres at your home. That is right, things around you might turn all Animal House soon! Better send your parents on holidays, though. And come to think of it, maybe it's also a good idea to apply under a friend's name and address.

animal house or burton party

We launched a new campaign last week on Facebook called "13x13". It's pretty much all about our new movie 13, as we are giving away 13 movie premieres. People can upload an image or scan or movie explaining why the premiere should be at their home. The more creative the better.

From the 13 submissions with the most votes (public voting) a jury of Burton riders will determine the main winner. The main prize is epic, a Burton movie premiere at the winner's home, organized by Burton. And the best thing about it is that team riders will join us and could knock on the winner's door soon! The 12 other finalists will receive a "Home Premiere Kit" which consists of the movie and a bunch of Burton goodies. Submissions can be uploaded until September 13th.


Apply for the most exclusive video premiere of the new 2013 Burton Movie "13": At your own place! Upload your submission explaining why the premiere should be at your place and cast as many votes as possible. Send in your application today: it could be a video, a letter, a poem or a photo, that's up to you! Be creative! Here comes the banger: The Burton Team could knock on your door soon! Win one of 12 Home Premiere Kits or the main prize, a movie premiere at your home with the Burton Team organized by Burton. Join now!