Burton Superpark Opening, Dachstein, 26.05.2007

First they do this

No other snowpark in the alps caused as much joy and positive feedback over the past few years like the Burton Superpark on Dachstein glacier! This year the parkbuilding work has been spread over 4 weeks. This is an record and together with the fact that there are more than 4 meters of snow gives an idea as to how this year’s setup will deliver new standards!

Then they build this

This spring the snowpark opens its gates at the end of may, the official opening takes place on saturday the 26.05.2007! Fantastic snowconditions and the new setup will make the opening session an absolute monster! Lot's of photographers and filmers will be there as well, to catch the big shots and spread them to media all over Europe! Don't miss this opportunity to show your skills to the rest of the world!

Then you do this