If you've got a thing going on for riders that rep the Big B, then heading to The Liftline at www.theliftline.tv will get you frothing: it's Burton's new, all singing all dancing online hub for Burton team news and video. The Liftline is a brand new online forum for snowboarders to connect with Burton pro riders on a whole other level, through a constant stream of new team video and editorial content, and is intended to also fill the gap left by Burton's decision not to make a team movie this year.

"We thought about doing another movie, but it felt like a steady flow of fresh content might be a better way to go," says Jake Burton, Founder and CEO of Burton Snowboards. "The intent of The Liftline is to keep riders current on what our team is up to on a continuous basis. I'm sure there will be a learning curve, but it feels like a solid direction."

To keep on top of everything that goes down, The Liftline features six different shows that will be updated as the happenings happen. Here's a brief rundown of the show you can expect...

* Snow Porn: Traditional snowboard action footage

* The Big Picture: A behind-the-scenes look at team photo shoots

* Bangers & Mash: Bails, crashes, falls - what it really takes to get video parts

* Wild on B: Traditional DVD-extra style content

* Ad to Fakie: Burton commercials

* Time Travel: Real-time unedited clips

The Liftline will also feature unique editorial stories, random facts, competition results, interviews and giveaways throughout the season - all focused on the Burton team. In addition, feeds from Burton pro riders' Twitter and Facebook pages along with RSS feeds from key snowboard news sites will also live here.

To get in the game, head to www.theliftline.tv and see for yourself. As they say, "Welcome to The Liftline."