After officially kicking off in France last January, the Burton Park Jam Tour 2012 continued with its second stop in Bialka Tatrzanska (04.02.2012), Poland, with temperatures well below -20° C. Despite the blistering cold, 25 riders gathered at the Kotelnica Białczańska snowpark to give their best in this amateur only Slopestyle Jam Session.


With the youngest rider aged only 9, none of the riders was intimidated by the extreme weather conditions and the riding level took off immediately. To give the riders the possibility to warm-up in between the scheduled sessions, the contest format consisted of a joined qualification session open to every age category and two final sessions split into Kids and Mens/Womens. Big up to the “Snow Pirates“ park crew who reshaped every feature just before and between the contest sessions to soften up landings and makeconditions a little easier for the riders.

With a kicker line made of 5 and 8 meters tables plus a small roller in between, and a jib-line consisting of a bonk-feature, a straight rail and a down-box followed by a double-kinked-rail, a pipe and abutter-box plus two final obstacles, every rider tried to impress the judges choosing very creative lines. Among the guys, standout rider of the day wasBurton rider Jakub Wolak (POL), with a winning run consisting of a bs 180 over the bonk feature, Cab 5, fs 540 over the second kicker and fs 180 to 50/50 to 180 out on the down-rail in the jib-line. 2nd qualified Marcin Skraba (POL)impressed the judges with jib-tricks and showed a handplant on the bonk-feature, a transfer to 50/50 on the double-kink-rail, 50/50 to 180 out on the butterbox and fs boardslide on the pipe. The girls instead preferred tofocus more on rails, with plenty of fs and bs boardslides.


The official Burton Park Jam Tour BBQ reserved to all riders, was definitely well deserved and served Polish food specialties to reload batteries. Big up also to local shop partner ZygZak who provided hot tea and some extra warmth to all participants


Women (15 to 18 years)

1. Marzena Zajak

2. Wiktoria Klin

Kids (14 years and younger)

1. Marcin Kilar

2. Olaf Szadkowski

3. Michal Uroda

Men (15 to 18 years)

1. Jakub Wolak

2. Marcin Skraba

3.Jan Mazgaj


With the Burton Park Jam Tour 2012 stop in Astùn (SPA) being postponed from February 11th to March 25th due to poor snow conditions, the focus is now set on Bardonecchia (ITA) for the 3rd stop of the BPJT 2012 on February 19th. All amateur riders under 18 can get more info and pre-register through, +39 338 1562360, or through Burton Rider Service until February 13th, or 00800 287 866 13 (toll free).