When: January 9-16, 2010

Where: Laax, Switzerland


For the 11th edition, the BEO are putting on a real show - a Circus show to be specific. To start things off, they sent the Juniors in the manege today to battle it out for the slopestyle finals.

In the girls division, 12-year-old Ty Walker from the US claimed her 2nd junior slopestyle BEO title with a run consisting of a frontside boardslide on the box, followed by a nosegrab off the up rail, a frontside stall on the jib tube, a 50-50 on the box, backside 540 indy on the quarterpipe and a frontside 360, a backside 360 and a method air on the kicker line.

The boys were owned by Laax local David Hablützel, who impressed with a nosepress nosegrab on the box, a method air off the up rail, a rock-n-roll to fakie on the jib tube, a 50-50 nosepress on the downbox, followed by a backside 540 truckdriver on the quarter and a backside 540, a switch backside 540 and a frontside 720 truckdriver on the kickers.

The Onboard newsteam is heading there right now to supply you with juicy details and unique snaps so make sure you check back for more info tomorrow!


Junior Slopestyle Boys’ Results

1. David Hablützel (SUI) 85.00

2. Tim-Kevin Ravnjak (SLO) 79.83

3. Jan Kralj (SLO) 79.33

Junior Slopestyle Girls’ Results

1. Ty Walker (USA) Roxy 66.00

2. Ramona Petrig (SUI) Esperanto 52.17

3. Chloe Kim (USA) 42.83

If you can’t make it to Laax, watch the finals live on go211.com.

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