Pilots! Pilot’s and more Pilot’s. This is the theme for this year’s Burton European Open, one of Europe’s biggest and most prestigious events. Then again, with the tables the dudes are hitting, one could make the association of flight.

It is going down from the 11th till the 18th of January 2008 at the famous Swiss Resort of LAAX, with its even more famous, awesome, monstrous but magnificent halfpipe. The slopestyle is no less awesome with new innovations to be seen every year.

The registration is starting early November so get going if you want to ride it up with the pro’s and share the very decent prize purse of 125,000 Euros and collect some vital TTR points. Oh yeah, before I forget! This year Suzuki will be giving both female and male overall rippers of pipe and park a brand new Suzuki Grand Vitara Freeride Edition. Pretty snazzy eh?!

Schedule BEO 2008: Friday, Jan. 11th: Slopestyle Juniors Saturday, Jan. 12th: Halfpipe Juniors Sunday, Jan. 13th: Slopestyle Pre-Qualification & Qualification Men Monday, Jan. 14th: Halfpipe Pre-Qualification Men and Qualification Women Tuesday, Jan. 15th: Slopestyle Qualification Women and Semi-Finals Men & Women Wednesday, Jan. 16th: Halfpipe Qualification Men and Semi-Finals Men & Women Thursday, Jan. 17th: Slopestyle Finals Men & Women Friday, Jan. 18th: Halfpipe Finals Men & Women

For more info check out the Burton European Open website!