South Tyrolean Spectacle

Besides oompah folk bands, delicious bacon and wine, the Schlern area in South Tyrol boasts a very lively snowboarding scene, which likes to push local events. It was these guys from the Fakieshop and the Panettone Brothers who showed the possibilities in park shaping even with this year’s limited amounts of snow. Constantly working helpers and machines were busy right until kick-off time of the Seiser Alm Burton AM Tour stop. Being more precious than ever, the white powder had to be scraped up from all over the resort. On Sunday morning, all the work had paid off: With huge snow masses formed into insane kickers as well as rails, boxes, and a picnic table the Kinglaurin Park was in perfect shape. The action afterwards was nowhere less impressive.

62 snowboarders from all over Europe took the breath away from many a spectator in the Chillout Zone. Among many others it was Anna Podgorna (18) from Poland, who even went to hit the big kickers in the finals. Her huge air in the second run secured victory in the Junior Girls category as well as respect from all spectators and participants.

Another highlight proved to be local Daniel Neulichedl (17) from Steinegg. After a solid qualification he arguably managed to put up best with the final’s pressure and hence won the Junior boys category.

At the younger boys category, the Kid Boys, Chico de Reuse (13) from Capelle/Netherlands took first place. It was his first victory at the AM Tour after two third places at the Landgraaf and Bispingen stops. In the overall tour ranking he took over the second place. Current leader stays Tim-Kevin Ravnjak (10) from Slovenia, who managed to move even further apart from the rest with his second place at Seiseralm.

Just as many prizes as the other winners scored 13-year-old Enya Beutler of Trin. She was part of the Freestyle Academy Laax group from Switzerland and claimed victory ahead of her friend Ladina Halter of Waltensburg in the Kid Girls category.