To be honest, parties after 3am and everything east of the Dachstein glacier usually gets kind of hazy. And this despite the fact that things can be quite awesome once you get there. Take the Polish board makers Contract Snowboards: Though still hard to get by over here their gear is above par and many an Eastern European shredhead rocks their planks. Their busy marketing department just dropped us a line telling us that they are supporting René Eckert's upcoming documentary on Bulgaria. The action will take place in Borovetz, Bansko, Osogovo and Sofia and feature local riders as well as some other European snowboarders. Check out these shots from the filming action.


If we did our maths correctly this will be his fourth snowboard movie project on Eastern Europe (after Poland 2007, Slovakia 2008, and From Romania with Love 2009). Not so coincidentally, he is also the other man behind the Breathe-documentary (with Drew Stevenson being man number one). More information on his oeuvre here. But before I digress any further let's just say that all movies mentioned are worth watching. Unfortunately, it is way too early for any sort of teaser for the Bulgaria project. To keep you as distracted as possible we decided to post the Romania teaser from earlier this season instead.


More information at www.contractsnowboards.com.