Bonfire Snowboarding is stoked to announce that Jarad Hadi joins Louif Paradis, Matt Ladley, Bev Vuilleumier, Steve Cartwright, Ross Baker and Davis Johnson on the North American team. "Jarad has tricks that I've never seen anyone else do and he's all about boardin' with his crew. He’s got sick style and shares his ideas with our designers. He makes my job easier," said Team Manager Java Fernandez.

His sweet moves are evident on dance floors across the country and in Under Par Productions’ film “Keep Talkin’."

His other sponsors include Exit Real World, Airblaster goggles, Ambiguous Denim, Flux bindings, Atmosphere Headwear and Friends United Network.

Bonfire snowboarding has offered riders the protection, technology and comfort they deserve since 1989. For more info check out the Bonfire site.