Today Dan McNamara and Christian Didrichsen are proud to announce the formation of Bond Outerwear.

Bond finds its inspiration in many places. Finding just as much fun on a random trail curb cut, a cat trip, or even the ride to the mountain, we use all of these influences and experiences to help make the most inspired, innovative and unique outerwear possible. Bond utilizes a top down sustainability model in its operations, and is a carbon neutral company. From the loom to your room, Bond looks to be a new model of sustainability for the snowboard industry. You know, no pressure. “Our goal with Bond is to be able to make product that not only makes snowboarding more fun, but does it without compromising the environment that we need to keep enjoying it." states Dan McNamara. “Hopefully it works. If not, there is a taco stand right down the street looking for a couple of managers." “We realize that this is a big mission, but it is the only way that we see as being the acceptable way to do business today and hopefully set an example for the future. Needless to say, we have deleted the stretch Hummer RV out of the marketing budget." adds Didrichsen. Bond will produce a limited edition series of product that will be available at select retailers globally for the 2010 season beginning in July of 2009. Bond will offer a full collection for the 2011 season at SIA 2010 in Denver, Colorado. More information regarding news, team and product updates can be found by checking regularly.