For those of you new to snowboarding, or who never read captions (eh?), Dean 'Blotto' Grey is one of the world's best snowboard shooters and now he's got his own site so swing by to give your eyes a feast.

This is an announcement to let you know WWW.DEANBLOTTOGRAY.COM is live.

Action, People, Environment are the current selections, along with information on upcoming photo shows in San Francisco, Portland and Barcelona, Spain.

The site is simple and easy to browse through, and I welcome any questions or comments.

Thanks for visiting.......BLOTTO

OCTOBER 8th, 2007 Pirates Art Show and Movie Premier Featured Artist Dean Blotto Gray Barcelona, Spain

OCTOBER 18th, 2007 BLOTTO PHOTTO Solo Exhibition (with friends) San Francisco, California 111 Minna Gallery 9PM - 2AM

NOVEMBER 16th, 2007 BLOTTO PHOTTO Solo Exhibition Exit Real World 7447 SW Bridgeport Rd - Tigard, Oregon 7PM - 11PM Phone: 503.684.8300