Why travel to some remote resort when all the shred goodness is right at your doorstep? From July 26 to August 1, 2010,you don't need to drive any further than Bispingen in the Hamburg hinterland for "a whole week of shredding and chilling" in the Snowdome Bispingen. Even though the press release says it is all about quality not quantity they might have confused these two terms: There will be various contests, jam sessions, a few parties and BBQs like there is no tomorrow. And since at that time even the most hardcore glaciers close their lifts for their "revision" (whatever that means) there is no real excuse not to go there.


You can camp next to the fridge and join the daily riding sessions from Monday to Thursday at 11 o'clock, including daily photo- and filmshoots, and Burton and Nitro "ski and snowboard test centers" (which of the two provides the skis will be interesting to find out). From Friday to Sunday you can go crazy and show up at 9 a.m. for your daily dose of riding. What else, what else? Tuesday is highest ollie contest day, Wednesday night is reserved for BBQ and a mini ramp skate session, Thursday night is movie night and rail jam, Friday it's water slide time, and on the weekend you'll turn into a contest machine at the true snowboard comp in the park.


Score sick prizes from Santa Cruz, Booster protection, Sölden Ski passes, and tickets for the Arena 47. The finalists and winners will party their bums off at the Boarder Party at the Dorfwirt and everyone can bring out toasts to a week full of banging highlights!

Wait, wait, there's some stuff I could not squeeze into this announcement, such as the FREERIDER soundstation for some good music, the chill-out area, the outdoor park with various obstacles, the camping area behind the Dome, the goodie bags for week- and day-ticket holders (while stocks last) and the brunch on Sunday for a killer end to a week-long shred experience from heaven for all visitors of the Summer Feast 2010 in the Snowpark Bispingen. So, what are you waiting for? Stop browsing the web and get a lift to Bispingen!


Here's some more fine print but my ADHD prevents me from focusing on it properly:

The following event packages are offered:

Ticket prizes:

All-in week ticket (Mo-Su) - € 269

- 6 x Breakfast (Su. Brunch) - 6 x Camping - 7 x Day Tickets - 7 x Riders Menu + Soft Drinks - 1 x BBQ Night

- 1 x Goodiebag (while stocks last)

3 days flex ticket (3 days to choose) - € 129

- 2 x Breakfast - 3 x Camping - 3 x Day Tickets (days to choose) - 3 x Riders Menu + Soft Drinks - 1 x Goodiebag (while stocks last)

All-in day ticket - € 39

- 1 x day ticket - 1 x Riders Menu + Soft Drinks

Registrations for the contest are possible from now on per post, fax and mail! The registration and consent form can be downloaded here and sent back to the SNOWDOME

Bispingen. Under all the reservations a helmet of the label bern will be drawn.

Attention! Minors HAVE TO bring a consent form signed by their parents. Without a consent form no minor can take part at the event.

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