Billabong Men’s Outerwear collection for winter 07-08 brings a new level of graphic innovation combined with technical performance to this season’s range with the new EXPRESSION SERIES and the SIGNATURE SERIES.

The EXPRESSION SERIES offers the consumer an opportunity to express his/her own style and personality through The Tag jacket, which comes in solid white and a black pen to be customised! You can finish the logos that are partly designed, or discover hidden graphics linking the “1 to 100" dots on the hood and chest.

Billabong has also worked in collaboration with three artists, who were invited to create unique graphics to be included on jackets, pants, underwear and logo line. One of these artists, Nicolas Thomas, has worked exclusively across the men’s snow range.

Nicolas Thomas, skater and snowboarder, member of the SpaceJunk Gallery, is one of the most established artists originated from the board culture.

His work (seen on APO snowboards) is characterised by fine-tip pen graphics (influenced by industrial design), bright colours and characters.

Nicolas Thomas worked on three jackets (NT, Origami and Two Face), 1 pant (Fold), 2 tee-shirts (Nico and Thomas) and technical underwear (Bowel pant and Birdy top).

SIGNATURE SERIES Last season, Billabong successfully launched its SIGNATURE SERIES designed with and for the brand’s best team snowboarders, offering the riders the ultimate in style and technical performance.

This season again, world number 2 Risto Mattila, world number 3 Antti Autti and freeriders Wolle Nyvelt, Christophe Schmidt and Marius Otterstad have collaborated with Billabong to come up with exclusive styles.

Wolle Nyvelt comes with a new style, the Shomen, a sky blue and burgundy striped all over print, inspired by Basquiat art (Wolle’s favourite artist).

Antti Autti signed Puff Jacket (Sumo 1-2) with an Argyle print in black and yellow and a striped scarf (like the one Antti wears at competitions). There is also a signature beanie, a striped black and yellow loose beanie, a replica of Antti’s favourite.

Risto Mattila has developed a light Puff Jacket (the Aka) specifically designed for pipe riding, combining warmth and comfort. The graphics are inspired by the hip hop culture.

Christophe Schmidt’s Viper jacket combines functional and technical features with a unique green colour way, reference to Christophe’s green Porsche car!

Marius Otterstad’s Hunter jacket is inspired by Canada hunting styles, with a sleeveless check vest to wear on top of the jacket, to wear with Marius’ signature Chapka.

THE ACCESSORIES The line of accessories is specifically designed to address the unique needs of riders: technical underwear and layers, gloves, beanies, backpacks and (new this season), a complete line of small accessories.

A key feature of the accessories this season is the Track beanie, which comes with integrated headphones so you can plug your digital music player straight in and listen to some tunes when hitting the slopes.