BIG MOUNTAIN SCREENING FILMFESTIVAL is an event held at the Forum am Deutschen Museum in Munich, Germany. This is your chance to visit this extraordinary trade fair open to the public and watch the movies on an IMAX screen!

To be honest, this is probably the only chance for you to watch some real classic Mack Dawg films and That's It That's All by Travis Rice and Crew on the giant screen!

This is what will be going down:

THURSDAY 04.12.08

18:00 Meltdown Project (1995, MackDawg, US) 19:00 Simple Pleasures (1997, MackDawg, US) 20:00 Boardbagged PREMIERE (2008, Pirate Movie Productions Travel, AUT) 21:00 91 Words For Snow (2005, Blank Paper, GER) 22:30 Afterbang (2002, Robot Food US/ GER)

FRIDAY 05.12.08

16:00 Double Decade (2008, MackDawg, US) 17:30 Down With People (2008, MackDawg, US) 19:00 Tour de Franz (2008, Isenseven Travel, GER) 20:00 Overseas (2008, Pirate Movie Productions, AUT) 21:30 Forum or Against ‘Em (2008, Forum, US) 22:30 Teenage Love Graffiti (2008, Isenseven, GER)

SATURDAY 06.12.08

Afternoon (Nikolaus Special! – Kids pay Euro 3.--!!) 15:00 In Short (2007, Blank Paper, GER) 16:00 91 Words For Snow (2005, Blank Paper, GER) 17:30 That‘s It That‘s All (2008, Brain Farm, US)

Evening 19:00 Storbis (2008, Storbis, FIN) 20:00 The Scrapbook Projekt (2008, HDP Films, FIN) 21:30 It‘s Always Snowing Somewhere (2008, Burton, WORLD) 22:45 That‘s It That‘s All (2008, Brain Farm, US)