On the 1st of March shaper Stephan and his crew built an amazing wedge in the Mayrhofen Vans Penken Park to propel the willing over a gap and land on the backside of the park's massive quarterpipe.

Just thought I would use the opportunity to give the guys at the Mayrhofen Vans Park and all the riders involved a shout out and big thanks for the session that went off yesterday.

Stephan and his shapers had built a massive wedge in front of the quarter that marks the base of the Vans park. The plan was to project willing riders over a gap and onto the steep backside of the quarter and although initially sceptical about the length of the landing the validity of the obstacle was proved by a brave test run from local Forum rider, Peter Konig. The session was on.

Joining Peter on the run-in were Niki Korpela, who by his own admission was not having the best day, Ethan Morgan who bagged a brace of tricks including a fine backside 7 and a posse of locals: Gary Greenshields, who is spending a season in town, also got involved and although sporting a cast on his right wrist after an altercation with a tree threw down a number of double backs. In fact the double back seemed to be the favoured trick of the day, with fellow double flippers included Thomas Tramniz and Benni Mössl.

The day was rounded off by all involved sessioning the mini pipe, which was soft thanks to the beautiful spring-like temperatures and sun.

Big thanks to Vans, Mayrhofen and Stephan and his shaping crew.

- Danny.