One week before the opening the Betterpark in Hintertux is already fully shaped and ready for action!

All six boxes and rails of the jib line, both 17 meter kickers and the hip of the pro line, two 12 meter kickers and the flat box of the medium line and even the easy line with two 6 meter kickers and a small butter box and even the 120-meter long super pipe are fully shaped and perfectly groomed.

While Absinthe's opener Wolle Nyvelt and Austrian jib legend Seppi Scholler are now confirmed to keep the offspring busy at the Billabong Kids Shoot on Saturday, Essenjahl Selecta from the Pirate Movie Productions and DJ EM as well as Wax Wreckaz, Flip and DJ Dan from Texta will take care off the adults at the Rhythm Opening Night the same day.

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