After four month the first King of S.N.O.W was elected by all participants past Sunday. After eight hard rounds Benno Postert out of Innsbruck, Austria took the lead and won 5.000,- USD + a lot of coverage worldwide. The matter of fact is much more impressive, since Benno is out of the northern part of Germany and started snowboarding only three years ago! Thumbs up, Benno!!!!

Second became Martin Kalliola out of Finland, who could stick his BS 900° at the final in La Plagne, France pretty good, but at the end it was not enough to take over the lead.

Here is the link to Benno´s tricks which brought to him 5.000,- USD and a lot of coverage worldwide: Benno Postert

More infos, pictures and a short interview with Benno will follow in short!